Presentation Archive for Larry Garfield

This is an incomplete index of most presentation slide decks by Larry Garfield over the past few years. There are a few missing, either because they were not tagged properly or the presentation didn't include HTML slides.

Presentations are listed alphabetically. Instances of a presentation are listed chronologically.

Videos of many of these are avaiable on my YouTube channel.

Aphorisms of API Design

Building a Cloud-friendly Application

Composer: There's a Module (or Library) for That

Decoupled Drupal with Silex

Design Systems and Drupal

Drupal 8 Training Lab

Drupal 8: The Crash Course

Drupal in 2020

Eating ElePHPants

Exploring PHP 8.0

Free Software: It's not about the license

Functional PHP (Old version)

Functional PHP

Future-friendly Drupal

Is Drupal a CMS?

Make Your Code Do Your Job

Management lessons from the 1960s

Managing Complexity

Many Drupals

Modernizing Drupal with Symfony2

Multi-headed Drupal

Never* Use Arrays



PHP 7.4: The New Hotness

PHP-FIG: Part of a balanced PHP diet

PHP7: The New New PHP

PSR-14: A Major Event in PHP

Presenting Drupal 8

Symfony for Drupal Developers

The Container is a Lie

The Web Services and Context Core Initiative

The road to Drupal 8.1

Why Open Source?